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September 16, 2017 / by DT Diepstra / In spotlight, bonaire, design, development, marketing

Bonaire's first development agency has gone life

Design, Development, and Marketing from Bonaire

Dushi Blue BV Bonaire is your digital partner for developing rich site’s with a fantastic performance in the search engines, or for any software development challenge. We also like our projects to be found, so we care about search engine performance and marketing. Your customer needs your full attention.

Performance first

We often get the question what does it cost? while the real question should be, how much do you want to make?. Everybody can make a WordPress website in less than a week, but how many can build a site that loads in under three seconds, and gets a >95% Google page speed ranking? Why does that matter you say? Well, a leading Google SEO manager once said:

Any page loads over three seconds have a 55% increase in bounce rate according to our analytics

3 seconds

The world record for solving a Rubix cube in under 5 seconds, while the average page load of most websites is far above ten seconds. Can you imagine being on your cell phone, with a 3g connection, trying to find the address of the place, and you’ll have to wait a minute(!) before the page is loaded, just because the designer wanted a big image gallery on the home page?

Dushi Blue Bonaire is your partner, for software development, marketing solutions, and web development.